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Wednesday, 02 March 2016 14:57

Local Law Firm Reports: 5 Red Light Cameras in the Village of Oak Lawn

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Local Lawyer Photo Enforcement Red Light Cameras 250 As local Oak Lawn attorneys that are stationed in the beautiful Village of Oak Lawn, we would like to warn you about the five little cameras that have caused the good people of Oak Lawn so much pain. 

Believe it or not, red light cameras are designed to increase safety by reducing the risk of the most dangerous types of crashes at intersections. These cameras seem to be everywhere.

Chicago began using red light cameras in 2003 and currently possesses over 380 of them (as reported by Eyeing Chicago). Oak Lawn followed suit in 2008 and has 5.  For now.

Here are the specific locations where red light cameras are present (as provided by the Village of Oak Lawn's website):


95th St. & Pulaski Rd. - Southbound

95th St. & Ridgeland Ave. -West Bound

95th St. & Cicero Ave. - East bound & North bound

97th St. & South West Highway . - South West & North Bound

111th St. & Cicero Ave. - East bound & West bound


While some find this type of enforcement to be a pain, many cities and villages disagree. The City of Chicago's website provides recent crash statistics that show that between 2005 and 2013, crashes of all types were down at intersections with cameras, and overall safety had improved:

  • Dangerous right-angle (T-bone) crashes decreased by 40%
  • All crashes at those intersections were down 30%
  • Crashes resulting in injuries were down 11%
  • Pedestrian crashes were also down 8%
  • Rear-end crashes were down by 18%


These comparisons are based on statistics from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) of crashes occurring within 125 feet of the current red light camera-enforced intersections in 2005 and 2012.

Note that in 2009, IDOT changed its reporting methodology for certain crash types to include only crashes resulting in $1,500 or more in property damage (increased from $500); this may have an effect on the comparison of total right-angle and rear-end crashes reported, but it does not affect the comparison of crashes involving pedestrians or resulting in injury.

While red light camera violations are not considered moving violations in the State of Illinois, they can be a pain to deal with. If you feel that a technical malfunction has resulted in your citation, then our law firm can assist you. Contact Rouhy J. Shalabi & Associates today!

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