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“What can I say? They’re the best of the best. Their track record speaks for itself. They are always on time, and if they are going to be late they call. There’s always communication.”

Aymin Abdallah, Oak Forest, Illinois


“Would I refer them? DEFINITELY. I am so happy with the outcome. I was very stressed, but as soon as I knew they were representing me, I was instantly relieved.”

Cynthia Klucznyk, Elk Grove Graphics


"Of course you should go to them. They are honest and they care, and they get everything dismissed!"

Abedalrahman Aldoh


"I always refer my friends to Rouhy, because he is very good at what he does.  He has always been forthright and honest with me.  The first time I met him, he defended me in a civil lawsuit and not only got my case dismissed, but recovered money for me.

"The best thing that Rouhy ever did was spend the day with my family and I when my brother died."

Hany Muhammad


"You guys are the best."

Jawad Ali


"Great people. They got my case dismissed."

Mohamad Zayed


"They are always available, even on short notice, and they do the best work at reasonable prices."

Ahmed Juma


"They are very patient. They take the time to listen to you and they come through on your case. Things happen the way they say they will."

Yassmine Hasan


"Very dedicated and punctual. Exceptional service. They worked one-on-one with us to get us a great deal. They had great standing before the judge and acted in the most reasonable manner."

Adlah Zegar


"Rouhy Shalabi knows a LOT to help you win your case.  They are great people to deal with."

Mohammed Ali


"I am very happy with the legal service they provided me. Rouhy and Jawad treated me with a lot of respect and they were honest with me about what to expect. We agreed on their fee upfront and they were able to get my case dismissed. I felt very comfortable and I will not hesitate to use them again and refer my friends to them."

Rawhi Atwan


“They show up on time.  They calm your nerves down.”

Mohammed Khatib


"If you want to be looked at great and treated with respect, go to these lawyers.  They respect everybody and everybody respects them.  I hired them because I believed they were the men for the job."

Mohammed Shaibe


"Good guys.  Good lawyers.  They'll take care of you.  That's why I always go to Rouhy.  He is a good lawyer."

Mazin Hussein


“They’re awesome. I tell my drivers (truck drivers) that they’ve got your back. They understand that this is our living at stake. Go to these guys, they’ll take care of you and give you a reasonable price. Other lawyers make things so complicated, but they don’t.

“I have dealt with a lot of people, but they’re my favorites to deal with. I love dealing with them.”

Ali Sanad


"They are very good.  If anybody asks me, I'll tell them that."

Hana A.


"Very good.  Concerned.  Came on time, followed case from beginning.  Really try hard to free client.  Do not want client to be found guilty."

Ahmed Abusafia


"You guys are awesome.  You guys are perfect."

Nadeen Elkhatib


"You were excellent. I was very happy with the decision. I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I am going to recommend you to all my Chinese friends!"

Jasmin Lee

Head Chef, Dragon Bowl Restaurant, Chinatown


"Easily the best lawyers I've ever had.  Plaintiff or defendant, they always have your best interests at heart."

Kumail M. Alshahin



"Excellent.  Friendly.  Honest representation at reasonable fees/price.  Very easy to talk to.  Comfortable atmosphere (they make you feel comfortable).  Gives the best advice."

Tom Tylka & Shelly Stirling


"I will only go to Roy (Rouhy).  As time goes on, I will go to his son."

Tom Tylka


"Everything was excellent.  Mark them 'excellent' in every area."

Reema & Khaled Kanan


"My husband and I have been fortunate enough to be represented by attorney Rouhy Shalabi on many occasions.  He has been our go to attorney for the last 20 years.  He represents us in all of our business and personal dealings.  He has truly done a great  job with whatever legal representation/advise we needed.   We greatly appreciate the fact that he is very accessible, knowledgeable and always keeps us informed.  His legal advice to us has been priceless over the years and we would never consider working with anyone else."

Kholood & Yaser Mohammad


"Awesome. Awesome job.  They got the case dismissed.  I wasn't expecting it to be dismissed, so awesome."

Samir Samra


"You are amazing! I contacted you at the last minute and you still came through for us! You saved my sister who had a huge speeding ticket that could have went on her record as a misdemeanor.  Instead, you had it reduced to a regular traffic ticket and pay a fine.  Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend you to any family or friends that will be in need of a lawyer!"

Diana B.


"We had a great experience with you.  Everything went smooth.  Everything went great.  I'm happy with how everything turned out."

Bryanne P.


"Very satisfied with your services.  Helped reduce my stress for dealing with the situation, knowing that you guys know what you're doing."

Karen M.


"Well, that was fast."

Mohamed Zeyara


"These people are so helpful.  More helpful in a nice way.  They try to understand your situation.  This is my first time in a court.  I went to court in my other country but it wasn't good."

Rustam Gapparov


"They helped me on my case, did a very good job with the charges.  Their service charge was also really reasonable."

Khattab Al-Khattab


"I am very pleased with the service that you gave me.  I thought your fees were very reasonable and you were great.  I would highly recommend you. And your secretary was great.  Very friendly, she's awesome."

Angelique Santoro


"On our end as the client, were nervous about meeting the lawyer.  But Jawad was very nice and confident in a quiet way.  He was laid-back about everything as if to say 'I've got this.'  Were put at ease by you and your dad (Rouhy).  He assured us that his son would do a great job and he did."

Billal Malley


"It was very comfortable. Comfortable communication.  We kept in touch between court dates.  Even Nickie (secretary) was very good about it."

Tejas Shah


"He (Rouhy) did a great, great job, not just as a lawyer but as my friend. I have known him for a long time. He is a dear brother.  He did more than I ever expected."

Moayad Hilal

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